Ray-Thomas Memorial
Presbyterian Church

About Us

RTM is a multicultural community of faith committed to the biblical vision of people from all nations  discovering and embracing the awesome love of Jesus Christ.
We have won awards for our mission of cross-cultural understanding and respect as together we discover a rich unity in Christ.

We are committed to living our faith with integrity and showing the amazing grace of Christ in all we say and do.

Our Purpose

As a multicultural congregation, our purpose is to worship God, to serve the Lord and one another, and to share with others the transforming love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Where do we fall on the theological spectrum?

On the lap of Jesus! Our community includes people on all ends (and in the middle) of the theological and political spectrum:  progressive, evangelical, liberal, conservative, moderate, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian. We have members  with doctorates and members with GEDs. We believe there is room for ALL in the Body of Christ and that the best witness we can bear to our glorious God is to represent the diversity of humanity on our knees before our Lord.

We Value:

-  The proclamation of the Word of God through Scripture, the living word that by the power of the Holy Spirit opens our hearts and minds,  

-  Worship that celebrates and praises our Living God,  the Three in One

-  The spiritual disciplines of personal and community prayer, support, study and action

-  Unity in diversity reflected in the gifts and participation of all people, complete with all of our cherished differences,  

-  The witness of our gratitude and thanksgiving to God, enacted in our daily lives through reconciliation, compassion and love,
- Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, in all its grace, through word and deed

Check out our "Sermon" page for recent sermons and prayers. Let your heart, mind and soul be nourished and inspired by the wondrous touch of God.

Our worship honors both the traditional liturgy of the PCUSA and embraces new, uplifting ways of worship and praise!

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